Monday, March 26, 2012

My civilization

I am the descendent of that civilization
which began with the burnt corpse of a woman
the corpse that lies on the last steps of the Mohenjodaro pond
and of the same civilization which considers the insertion of stones 
into private parts of a woman a matter of national pride.

The genesis of all the scared Vedic incantations is in the
moment of exhilaration at the murder of the non Aryan Asuras
My religion is the religion of war
My clarion call is victory
victory, victory, victory
My clarion call has arisen from the rotting corpses
of countless enemies
Victory in war.
All my religious incantations have their origin
in the death of my enemies.

My God
adorned with golden ornaments
armed with deadly weapons
is ever the Victor,
ever the Murderer.

My civilization
has absolute contempt
for the working classes, the shudras
and has absolute contempt for this earth,
both of which are to be exploited for the
pleasure of the upper castes,
My civilization is one
where bravery is measured by 
how many enemies one kills

We love gold,
We love indulgence,
We love murder

Where I speak from,
there, after murdering an adivasi mother,
and after chopping off a hand of a year and a half old child,
our soldiers celebrate their victory.
Where I speak from,
there, our rulers award these
soldiers medals of bravery
and of this bravery we are all proud,
we who are the descendants of this great civilization.
(Translation- Sanjeev Mahajan USA)

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