Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"As long as Soni Sori resides there, our development is impossible"

We want development
More cars, more shopping malls,
more commodities,
And for that, we need industry,
And for industry, we need minerals,
and for minerals, we need the land of Bastar,
and as long as Soni Sori resides there,
our development is impossible

So, we nabbed Soni Sori,
took her to the police station,
denuded her
tortured her with electric shocks.
Soni squirmed with extreme pain,
her eyes bulged out,
her whole body stiffened
She wanted to scream,
but even her mouth was without mercy,
ejecting foam, but no sound,
and then she reformed,
Soni was now prepared to not come in the way of India's development
My country's brave police,
our police,
our Government,
our development,
and since we are civilized, urbane and urban citizens of India,
we will never make the ugly mistake of talking about an uncivilized
adivasi like Soni Sori
We ask everyone to swear by their daughters
and let no one talk to us about Soni Sori
After all, this country's development is a serious matter

After Soni Sori is dead,
we will wax eloquent about grave matters.
Our essay on "How to end Naxalism in Bastar"
will argue forcefully about how
the Government can end Naxalism
through development

But don't you worry, we are not that hardhearted
Our thoughtful essay will also contain a few lines
on how to improve police conduct.

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