Friday, October 21, 2011

Had the kings reformed,

Had the kings reformed,
would we then have not struggled for democracy?
Should the Government reform,
would you be happy to be ruled by a few?

We knew that
no matter how good or generous a king,
we would still be his subjects!
That is why our passion for equality and freedom
eradicated monarchy!

The existence of the State is a challenge
to every individual and the society he belongs to,
to his capabilities, and his worth
Does the state run your home?
Or your village?
Or your development?
Or your defense?
It is you together with other people in the society who do this all.
Just think how much of your life is really dependent on the State.

Perhaps the next generation will boldly cross the threshold of these unthinkable thoughts
and will actually throw away the chains that straitjacket us
But before that, they would have to free their minds of the suffocating ideologies and dogmas

This State holds us captive
cannibalizes the poor and the meek
defends the rich and the powerful
It is a means to legalize the loot and plunder
of the labor of others

Which farmer
which laborer
which indigent
ever got their due
by appealing to the State?
The indigent does not need the State
No State is ever for the poor

It is the strong and the rich who need the State,
people who appropriate the labor of others!
Rich businessmen who enjoy all the luxuries of life without doing a day's work!
And the parasitic urban middle class!

So why are you so afraid?
Just by the thought of a Stateless society?
Were there no State, do you think
that the society would cease to exist?
that individuals would cease to exist?

What would cease to exist would be
the dreaded police which defends these looters
and the corrupt politicians who bribe to get elected,
and then accept bribes to evict you from your land.

Why are you so anxious about their fate?
New Age dawns upon us and demands
a Stateless society
All over the world, the Governments are falling like nine pins
The alternative is not clear yet.
But people will find a way
to construct a Stateless society

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