Friday, October 25, 2013

I have seen many burnt villages in my life

There was not even a tinge of rancor as these folks recounted the horrors visited on them matter-of-factly. While talking to them, I felt embarrassed of being a Hindu. The police, the media, and the administration, all of them despise these poor Muslims. I was sitting in a relief camp of Muslim victims of communal violence. Their houses were burnt. Their parents were put to the sword, and then burnt. After the attack, they had to flee their village. Some Muslim organizations have given them shelter. That is why they are still alive. It is hard to believe that all this happened in the "Shining India" of 2013. 

Temporary camps for poor Muslim laborers are ubiquitous. These people are forced to live in abominable conditions, right next to pits of polluted water whose stench is unbearable. Their houses have been burnt. As if this was not punishment enough for being a Muslim, the Government has filed a case against them for daring to live in these camps (?).

I have seen quite a few burnt villages in my life. I have seen burnt Adivasi villages. I have seen burnt Dalit villages. I have seen burnt villages of poor lower caste Muslims. Why is it that after Independence, we have been mercilessly attacking Dalits, Adivasis, and Muslims? If you visit Muzaffarnagar and talk to people there, it becomes transparent that these riots were planned. Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives were destroyed. When you talk to people, it becomes obvious that the riots were engineered by Narendra Modi and his henchman Amit Shah. Around 6 months ago, Modi had sent an erstwhile Home Minister of his Government, Amit Shah, to Uttar Pradesh. Ironically this very Home Minister was imprisoned at the time for having incited riots in Gujarat. This very Minister was freed on bail, and unleashed on the unsuspecting population of Uttar Pradesh. His mission: to stoke the embers of hate, and to help Modi win the upcoming elections. With the help of three MLAs (Members of Legislative Assembly), Amit Shah started his opening gambit by distributing swords in Western Uttar Pradesh. As a result, armed with these swords and full of swagger, Hindu youths would start frequenting Muslim neighborhoods. They would also enter the mosques, terrorize the muezzin, and stop theazaan (the Islamic call to prayer). The three Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLAs would start demonstrations against Muslims on the flimsiest of pretexts. Muslim men would be constantly harassed and insulted during these BJP-engineered demonstrations. An atmosphere of extreme hatred against Muslims was and is being created. Rumors were being deliberately spread that Muslims had been luring Hindu girls into marrying them. But when you ask people to give examples, they can only come up with a two-year-old case. That is, the reason the poor Muslims must suffer is because one Muslim had married a Hindu girl two years ago. 

In Western Uttar Pradesh, the Hindu vote is divided among five parties, Ajit Singh's party, Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Samajwadi Party (SP), and BJP. BJP's calculation is that in order to consolidate this Hindu vote in favor of the BJP, Hindus must be incited against Muslims. The plan was put into action with extreme cunning. The riots happened exactly according to this plan. Innocent Muslims were killed. These Muslims were sacrificed at the altar so that Modi could become the Prime Minister. Modi and his gang have tried to replicate what Hitler did. Hitler killed six million Jews because according to him Jews were the root of all evil and the reason that Germany was in the doldrums. That is, the victim is the culprit. In India, BJP folks kill Muslims, and then accuse them of causing trouble. If the BJP and its acolytes do not stop this dangerous and dirty game, then I am afraid they will pose a big danger to the unity of this country. 

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  1. आपके ब्लॉग को ब्लॉग - चिठ्ठा में शामिल किया गया है, एक बार अवश्य पधारें। सादर …. आभार।।

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