Sunday, May 19, 2013

Police has fulfilled its promise to Soni Sori

The police had made a pledge to Soni Sori and her nephew Linga Kodopi. The Chhattisgarh police had locked up Linga Kodopi in the Dantewada police station for forty days, and pressured him incessantly to become a special police officer. His aunt Soni Sori filed a petition in the court, and was able to free her nephew from the clutches of the police. This audacious deed of her angered the police to no end. The police warned both Soni Sori and Linga Kodopi that since they had insulted them, they would make sure that her whole family was destroyed. They also threatened that even if she and her nephew were released by the court, they would kill them both.
At first, the police slapped a false case against Soni Sori's husband Anil. A little while later, Soni and her nephew Linga Kodopi were also trapped in the same case.
Soni Sori's husband was freed last month. However, Anil was in no position to go home. The police had, after all, fulfilled their promise. They have succeeded in turning Anil into a vegetable. He cannot talk to anyone any more, nor is he able to communicate all what has been done to him.
On the morning of 27th of April, the day when he was going to be released through the court, Soni and Anil had met in the prison. Anil was hale and hearty then.
A little while later, when the police van was ready to take Soni and Linga to Dantewada, Soni, sensing that something was wrong, asked the police why, when her husband Anil's appearance was also required in the court, they were not taking him along. Since the police were evasive, Soni became adamant and insisted that she would only go to the court if accompanied by her husband. The police responded that someone from Delhi had come to meet her at the Dantewada court, and so it was important for her and Linga to come along.
Soni Sori went to the court, but there was no one there to see her. The police had lied. The court declared Soni, Soni's husband, and her nephew Linga Kodopi - all of them - innocent. Soni was very happy that day because her husband was about to be released and he would finally get to see their children. There are several other false cases against Soni Sori and Linga Kodopi, which is why they have not been freed as yet.
But as she returned to the prison, she was aghast. The police brought her to the hospital from the prison to see her husband. Soni's husband was lying there in a helpless state, and had lost control over all his body parts. He had become almost a living corpse. He could not even speak. The prison authorities said that they had released him, and that there was no case against him now.
The police brought Soni Sori back to the prison. Her husband's freedom is now meaningless. He cannot even recognize his own children. The police has therefore fulfilled the first installment of the promise they made to Soni Sori - that they would destroy her family. They are eagerly waiting to fulfill the rest of the installments.
Not too long ago, the police had punished Soni Sori for daring to go to the court, by inserting pebbles in her private parts. The police officer who committed this heinous act was awarded a medal of bravery by the President of India.
This is the first act of a frightful play about Indian democracy and the Indian judicial system being staged before our very eyes. The weak-hearted are advised to close their eyes, because the following acts are expected to be bloodier and gorier.

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