Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rape is not a Crime

Indian Army soldiers abducted Manorama in Manipur, and after raping her, they shot bullets into her private parts. The Indian State is fighting a case to defend these rapists. Manorama's friend Irom Sharmila has been on a fast for the past twelve years to protest against this heinous crime.

An adivasi woman from Orrisa, Arati Majhi was abducted from her house by the Security forces. She was raped repeatedly for a month at the police station, and then was put into prison. Police also imprisoned Dandpani Mahanti's son for daring to raise his voice. Arati is still in the prison, and the Indian State is fighting a case to defend the rapists.

An adivasi teacher Soni Sori was punished for the 'crime' of filing a case against some police officers. She was abducted, brought to the police station, tortured by electric shocks, and pebbles were inserted into her private parts. Doctors extracted pieces of these pebbles and sent them to the Supreme Court. The Government is nevertheless fighting a case to defend the culprits. Soni Sori is still in prison. 

Who says rape is a crime? You can rape with abandon, as long as it helps the rich and the powerful. The Indian State will defend you no matter what it costs. And this society will be proud of you, and award you medals of bravery.

As long as you are on the 'right' side, that is on the side of the rich and powerful, no one can touch you no matter what crimes you have committed. However if you are naive enough to side with Muslims, Dalits, Christians, or Adivasis, then your daughters can be raped with complete impunity.

Be proud that you live in this divine land.

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  1. main Munirka rape ke liye Manmohan,soniya,sheila kisi ko doshi nahin manta....par in state sponsored rapes ke liye to puri sarkar aur media jimmedar hai...bana lo Munirka bus stand par memorial.. lekin patriarchal state dwaara vikas aur aantrik surachha ke naam par barson se hone waale balatkar ko koi nahi rok paayega...Himanshu ji, mujhe pata hai aap akele mein rote honge, par aapko isi pida ke saath jina hoga, aur isi ke saath mar jaayenge...